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Ana Zoe POP (b. 1953, Oradea), sculptor. In 1977 she graduated from the ”Ion Andreescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca, Department of sculpture. She get a PhD in Fine Arts at West University from Timisoara and she is accredited expert by the Ministry of Culture - specialty of Romanian sculpture of 19th - 20th centuries and specialty of sculpture conservation. In 1992 she won the Hungarian Artists Union Award at the Symposium in Sóstói. In 2002 she won the prize for reorganizing the Modern Art Gallery, awarded by the Ministry of Culture.



2010 - PhD in Fine Arts, West University – Timisoara

2002 - Accredited expert  by the Ministry of Culture - specialty of sculpture conservation 

2001 - Accredited expert by the Ministry of Culture - Romanian sculpture specialty sec. XIX-XX

1978- 2012 - Curator conservative, Romanian Modern Art Department at National Museum of Art

1977-1978 - Specialization in carving the Institute of Fine Arts ”Ion Andreescu”, Cluj

1973-1977 - Institute of Fine Arts ”Ioan Andreescu” Cluj, Department of Sculpture


2002 - Award for reorganizing the Modern Art Gallery, granted by the Ministry of Culture

1995 - Margareta Sterian Award – Margareta Sterian Retrospective Exhibition

1992 - Hungarians Artists Union Award, Solstoi

Personal Exhibitions:

2015 - Senso Gallery, Bucharest

2014 - Art Museum, Tulcea

2013 - Art Museum, Constanta

2010 - Triade Gallery, Timisoara

2010 - Delta Gallery, Arad

2009 - Union Museum, Alba Iulia

2008 - Veroniki Gallery, Bucharest

2006 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2005 - Sabina & Jean Negulesco Gallery, Bucharest

2002 - Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest

2002 - Cris Country Museum, Oradea

2001 - History Museum, Aiud, Alba

1994 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

1993 - Moderne Kunst Gallery, Erlangen, Germany

1992 - Romanian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

1992 - Home Art Gallery, Bucharest

1990 - Home Art Gallery, Bucharest

1985 - Linden Inn Gallery, Bucharest

1977 - New Gallery, Oradea

Group Exhibitions:

2016 - Drawing & Sculpture, National Museum of Maps and Books, Constanta

  - Ex Libris Exhibition, Tribute to Brancuşi – National Museum of History and Archeology, Constanta

  - Avramide’s House, ICEM Tulcea

  - National Museum of Maps and Old Books, Bucharest

  - Annual of Religious Fine Arts and Restoration, National Village Museum, Bucharest

  - ”Grounds”, National Salon of Arts, Brancusi Hall, Bucharest 

  - ”Maiastra. Sanziene”, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest

  - ”Inter-Art”, National Library of Romania, Bucharest

2015 - ”Meeting Point”, Delta Gallery, Arad

  - National Biennial of Small Sculpture ”Bronze Age”, 4th Edition, Art Museum, Cluj

  - Fine Art Exbition, Astra Salons, 3rd Edition, Sibiu

  - Spring Exhibition, National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest

2014 - ”Grounds” - National Salon of Arts, 5th Edition, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

  - Fall Salon, Constantin Brancusi Gallery, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

  - Arts in Bucharest , Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

  - Winter Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2013 -  The Arts of Fire, Museum of Art, Cluj - Bistrita

  - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Astra Museum, Sibiu

  - Stone carving and engraving, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

  - ”Grounds” - National Salon of Arts, 4th Edition, Constantin Brancusi Gallery, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

  - International Biennial of Small Graphics, Delta Gallery, Arad

  - Small Sculpture Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2012 - Arts in Bucharest, National University of Arts, Bucharest

  - ”FemArt” Exhibition, Art House, Bucharest

  - Spring Salon,”Inter-Art” Exhibition,  Aiud, Alba

  - Bucharest Salons, Art House, Bucharest

  - Winter Salon,”Inter-Art”, Aiud, Alba

  - Sculpture Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

  - Drawings of Sculptors Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

  - Itinerant Exhibition, Moldova Galleries, Iasi-Chisinau

  - Biennal ”Meeting point”, Delta Gallery, Arad

  - ”A decade of explorations in art”, Brancoveanu Palaces, Mogosoaia

  - ”Unexpected mix of art works”, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest

2011 - ”Sacred Art”, Art House, Bucharest

  - Fall Salon, Bucharest

  - Art Biennial from Arad, ”Meeting Point”, 3rd Edition, Itinerant Exhibition - Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

  - ”A decade of exploration in Romanian Art”, Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest

2010-2011 - Small Sculpture Salon, Bucharest

2010 - ”Sacred”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

  - ”Camino doloroso”, Dana Gallery, Iasi

  - ”European Bridges”, Art Museum, Constanta

2009 - Art Biennial from Arad, ”Meeting Point”, 2nd Edition, Itinerant Exhibition - Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia, Bucharest

2004 - Drawings of Sculptors, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2003 - Contemporary Sculpture, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

2002 - Inter-Art Galleries, Aiud, Alba

2002 - Inter-Art, Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest

2001 - Inter-Art, Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest

2001 - Inter-Art Galleries, Aiud, Alba

2000 - ”Horse - Myth and Reality”, Gamba Gallery, Bucharest

1991 - ”The possibilities of the surface”, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

International exhibitions:

2011 - Inter-Art International Exhibition, Kutztown and Washington D.C., USA

  - International Biennial, Cleo Gallery, Arad

2009 - International Art Exhibition ”Freedom Without Borders”, Time Gallery, Vienna, Austria

  - Inter-Art International Exhibition, Kutztown and Washington D.C., USA

  - ”Arts, Storks & Nature”, Salé, Morocco

  - Collective International Art Exhibition, Scuola Civica di Arte Casa di Musica Latina, Italy

  - ”Donne 52 amorose”, Scuola Civica di Arte Casa di Musica Latina, Italy

  - International Artnetwork Autonomous Stream, Salzburg, Austria

  - International Biennial, Cleo Gallery, Arad

2008 - International exhibition ”Inter-Art”, UN Headquarters, New York, USA

  - International Exhibition of Contemporary Feminine Art ”European Bridges”, Marginalii Art Museum, Cluj

2007 - Symposium and International Exhibition of Feminine Art ”European Bridges - Tradition and Continuity”

  - Contemporary Sacred Art, Cleo Gallery, Arad

2004 - ”Inter-Art”, Cairo, Egypt

2004 - ”Inter-Art”, Mumbai, India

2003 - ”Inter-Art”, City Gallery, Gyomaendrod, Hungary 

  - ”Inter-Art”, City Gallery, Bekescsaba, Hungary

  - Drawings of Sculptors , Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

1999 - ”Dante in Romania”, Centro Dantesco dei Frati Minori Conventuali, Ravenna, Italy

1996 - Exhibition of graphics, Romanian Cultural Institute/Accademia di Romania, Rome

  - ”Dantesca” International Biennial, 11th Edition, Ravenna, Italy

  - ”Romanian Painting”, Western Gallery, Osaka, Japan

  - International Artistic Salon, Sète, France

  - Contemporary Romanian Art Exhibition, Paris, France

1992 - Grand Palais Saga, Paris, Franta

  - Symposium of Sculpture in Bronze, City Gallery, Nyreghaza, Hungary

  - ”Dantesca” International Biennial, 10th Edition, Ravenna, Italy

1991 - Young Romanian Artists, Szombathelyi, Hungary

  - Romanian Art Exhibition ”Romania greets Europe”, Brussels, Belgium / Paris, France

  - Romanian Art Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary

  - ”Des Artistes pour des artistes”, Neuilly, France

  - ”10 artistes à Paris Roumaines”, Paris, France

  - ”L'art d'aujourd'hui à East Neuilly”, Paris, France 

  - ”Water, Light, Color”, Budapest, Hungary/Oradea

  - Romanian Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition, Sevilla

1990 - Romanian Art Exhibition, Paris, France

  - ”Dantesca" International Biennial, 9th Edition, Ravenna, Italy

1988 - ”Dantesca” International Biennial, 8th Edition, Ravenna, Italy

  - Romanian Art Exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia


2015 - Wood, Arad

2001 - 2012 - Stone-Wood, Aiud

2005 - Wood, Blaj

2004 - Modeling Constanta

2001 – 2009 Stone, Aiud

2006 - Jewelry, Majdanpek, Serbia

2005 - Wood, Blaj

2004 - Bronze, Constanta

2003 - Wood, Bekescsaba, Hungary

2003 - Wood Gyomanrdrod, Hungary

2003 - Stone, Karantin, Turcia

1997 - Stone, Vata, Hunedoara

1995 - Wood, Trebiç, Czech Republic

1992 - Bronze, Sóstó, Hungary

1991 - Wood, Debrecen, Hungary

1990 - Wood, Soveja, Vrancea County

1988 - Stone, Macea, Arad

1987 - Stone, Covasna

1986 - Wood and stone, Saliste, Sibiu

1985 - Stone, Casoaia, Arad

Artworks in private collections:

National Contemporary Art Museum

Bucharest Museum

Tulcea Museum of Art

Triade Collection, Timisoara

Collection of ”Inter-Art” Foundation, Aiud

Collection of Fildas Foundation

National Museum of Art


Romanian Sculptor’s Dictionary, XIX-XX Centuries, Romanian Academy Edition, Bucharest, 2012