Alexandru Cazanaru, Sculpture
Otilia Mandescu Canavra, Graphic Arts
Georgiana Manea Josan, Painting
Vlad Aurel, Sculpture
Mihai Moldovanu, Textile Art
Laurentiu Mogosanu, Sculpture
Casia Csehi, Graphic Arts


Art Open Studios 2018 

Welcome to the place where the most spectacular creation studios are presented and, by default, the most important Romanian visual artists from Bucharest,endowed with the gifts to create through painting, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, glass, metal, textile.

Ateliere.Net proposes the virtual journey that will allow you to get to know the artists through their biographies, photo galleries featured, and information about their exceptional results, journey which can become reality through achieving a direct encounter with the artist.

Also, the Art Open Studios events we organize throughout the year, every year, allow the opportunity to get in touch with the novelty, the fantastic, the multidimensionality in which they unfold activity and living. Stay tune for some very special editions we've prepared in 2018!





 The Open Art Studios application guides you through the most important visual artists' studios in Bucharest and its surroundings, being the first of its kind in Romania. The app provides, through our website Ateliere.Net, real-time access to the artists' profiles and their contact details. The Open Art Studios application aims to connect the artists and their art with the public, by opening their studios for visitors. For information about group visits and private guided tours, contact us on (+40723) 825 800, or email






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